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DISN234 - John Graham - All Fall Down

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LA based John Graham is back with "All Fall Down", the follow up single to his 2015 debut album "Cold Sun".

"All Fall Down" is a dark slice of underbelly electronic rock, with creeping, haunting synths, brooding lyrics and ending with a crescendo of distorted guitars.

The 6 track package comes with upbeat album track "We Come And Go" providing a foil to the darkness of the lead track. First up on the remix front is Czech based breakbeat producer Sonority. The originals tension is amplified with an extended Massive Attack "Teardrops" style intro before breaking into slabs of electronic synth evilness. UK based house stalwart Redanka is next up with his euphoric house take on "We Come And Go". The beats are big and bold. The package rounds off with instrumentals of the two original versions.

John Graham started out in the 1990s as a jungle and house producer. Over the years since, John Graham (as Quivver and as part of Tilt) has picked up a myriad of honours and career highs. The quality of his work can be vouched for by over 45,000 online followers, as well as past record deals with Virgin, Warner Brothers & Hooj Choons.

The original is accompanied with a video by UK based video producer Andrew Alderslade. The video can be seen here: John Graham - All Fall Down (Official Video)


All Fall Down Written & Produced by John Graham.
We Come & Go Written & Produced by John Graham & Mike Hiratzka.
Guitars by Mike Hiratzka.
Remix & Additional Production on 2. by Sonority, 4. by Redanka.

Mastered by Eugene @ Cromon Tor, expect 1 & 3. by John Graham.

Published by Dharma Songs

(p) 2016 Distinctive Records
(c) 2016 Distinctive Records


RELEASE DATE : July 1st 2016

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John Graham - All Fall Down


  1. All Fall Down
  2. All Fall Down (Sonority Remix)
  3. We Come & Go
  4. We Come & Go (Redanka's Trojan Horse Remix)
  5. All Fall Down (Instrumental)
  6. We Come & Go (Instrumental)