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DISN187 - General Midi feat. Whiskey Pete - Get It Down

About this release

Bristol beat doctors General Midi return all guns blazing with the second single from their "Operation Overdrive" album. "Get It Down" covers a myriad of musical bases.

The General Midi mix heads 'straight to dancefloor' with electro breaks, whumps, whoops and break beats like no one else can. Things take a tempo downtime with the creeping Dubstep mix. Next up is some 4/4 crunching beats and slick electro grooves with the Dee Zed remix.

To round off the musical masterclass our heroes turn out a Bassline mix with just the right mix of polish & groove. The original album mixes are also included in their original and swearing-less versions.


Written by Crossman / Watson / McGovin
Produced & Engineered by General Midi at Lemonworks, Bristol
Vocals by Whiskey Pete
Published by Copyright Control

(p) 2009 Distinct'ive Records
(c) 2009 Distinct'ive Records


RELEASE DATE : Dec 14th 2009

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General Midi feat. Whisky Pete - Get It Down


1. General Midi Mix
2. Dubstep Remix
3. Dee Zed Mix
4. Bassline Mix
5. Radio Edit - Clean
6. Album Version - Clean
7. Album Version