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DISN179 - Nat Monday & Jay Welsh - Waiting

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Back in 2001 one of our favorite releases was Waiting by Nat Monday. So much so that we thought it was time for a re-visitation. Nat is now one of the new-kings of Perfecto and Jay Welsh (with whom he originally made the track) was happy to give us another dose of his subtle and moody vocals.

Our 2008 mixes bring this classic bang up to date. Progressive big-room favorite Medway delivers a glorious stomper of a mix which mixes in chunky grooves and subtle chord changes. Martin Eilbahn in his 'Weekend World' goes low slung and moody on the flip.

Russian newcomer Andrew Maze covers the tight, trance production base and Polish based Stratosphere (one half of Nitrous Oxide) does the breaks thing. A varied and diverse release of one big tune.


Written & Produced by Jay Welsh
Published by Proof Songs

(p) 2009 Distinct'ive Records
(c) 2009 Distinct'ive Records


RELEASE DATE : Jan 19 2009

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1. Medway Remix
2. Weekend World Remix
3. Andrew Maze Remix
4. Stratosphere Breaks Mix
5. Ambient Mix

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