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DISN161 - ils - Loving You

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‘Loving You’ is the third single to be taken from the Breakspoll nominated album ‘Bohemia’. Previous singles ‘Cherish’ and ‘Angels’ were widely received not only within breaks circles but also amongst progressive, house and even techno circles. ‘Loving You’ is set to be no different, its musical, melodic and emotive breakbeat at its best.

Featuring ILS’ production skills, Donna Dee’s songwriting expertise and vocals from Rhallia this is a single not to be missed. A number of artists are on remix duties with this package. Atomic Hooligan give the track a more dancefloor feel with a mix that should appeal to those who like their breaks as well as those who like things a little more housey. Atomic Hooligan have made great use of the vocal in addition to a driving, pulsating and gritty bassline that will keep many a dancefloor moving.

Westway Records favourites the Drum Monkeys have also put together a big chunky mix that is full of energy. Big drums and a funky bassline form the bulk of this mix but again the vocal gets a good run plus the addition of an uplifting string-esque line. Another big mix that is sure to cater to the ever growing legion of ILS fans.

In addition to ‘Loving You’ another favourite from the album, ‘Storm From The East’, gets the dancefloor treatment. This Middle Eastern influenced breakbeat builder gets a little reworking from ILS himself to make it that bit more club friendly. ‘Storm From The East’ is dark and moody what with its grinding bassline plus its Eastern influenced instrumentation and vocal. Already a firm favourite, this mix makes it just that bit more DJ friendly.

As if that wasn’t enough ‘Razorblade’ also features on this singles package but in the form of the Stranger Remix. With its hooky vocal line courtesy of Plavka, ‘Razorblade’ is another song based ILS production that gets the club treatment. Stranger fails to disappoint and produces a solid breaks mix that isn’t too in your face. All in all a solid package.


(p) 2006 Distinct'ive Records
(c) 2006 Distinct'ive Records


RELEASE DATE : March 27th 2006

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ils - Loving You


1. Loving You (Atomic Hooligan Remix)
2. Storm From The East (Club Mix)


ils - Loving You


1. Loving You (Drum Monkeys Remix)
2. Razorblade (Stranger Remix)