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DISN109 - Dub Pistols - Six Million Ways To Live - Remixes + Exclusives

About this release

This is a digital only monster package of no less than 37 tracks + remixes from the Dub Pistols highly acclaimed album, 'Six Million Ways To Live'. Featuring Terry Hall and Horace Andy the original album is now a classic. This new digital release includes all the original tracks + mixes plus 9 previously unreleased mixes including huge ones from Bushwacka, Coloursound, Jon Carter + Paul Daley.


(p) 2007 Distinct'ive Records
(c) 2007 Distinct'ive Records


RELEASE DATE : Oct 23 2007

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Dub Pistols - Six Million Ways To Live


1. Sound Clash
2. World Gone Crazy
3. Problem Is
4. Six Million Ways To Live
5. Riptides
6. Soul Shaking
7. Soldiers
8. Still Breathing
9. Architect
10. Official Chemical
11. 6A.M
12. Problem Is (Bushwacka! Mix)
13. Riptides (Colorsound Mix)
14. Architect (Dub Pistols 12' Mix)
15. Architect (Dub Pistols Breaks Mix)
16. Six Million Ways To Live (Paul Daley Mix)
17. Problem Is (Jon Carter Instrumental)
18. Problem Is (House Mix)
19. Soul Shaking (Touche Vocal Mix)
20. Soul Shaking (Touche Dub Mix)
21. Problem Is (Radio Edit)
22. Problem Is (Creamer and K Remix)
23. Probelm Is (Dub Pistols Breaks Mix)
24. Problem Is (Jon Carter Mix)
25. Problem Is (Soul Of Man Mix)
26. World Gone Crazy (Dogtown Clash Vocal Mix)
27. World Gone Crazy (Dogtown Clash Dub Mix)
28. World Gone Crazy (West London Deep Mix)
29. World Gone Crazy (MJ Cole Mix Re-Rubb)
30. World Gone Crazy (Sugar Daddy Mix)
31. World Gone Crazy (Dub Pistols Radio Mix)
32. World Gone Crazy (Dogtown Clash Vocal Mix Radio Edit)
33. Official Chemical (Radio Edit)
34. Official Chemical (DJ Touche Vocal Mix)
35. Official Chemical (Dogtown Clash Mix)
36. Official Chemical (Boutros On The Beach Remix)
37. Official Chemical (DJ Touche Instrumental Mix)